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Stop procrastinating about taking control of your health.  Find out more about Dr. Peter Goldfarb’s OPTIFAST program.

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Peter Goldfarb, MD

Optifast weightloss coach



Dr. Goldfarb meets with patients on Wednesdays.
His office hours are: 9:00 – 12:00 and 4:00 – 6:00
If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the office either by phone or email.  Office visits are covered by OHIP.

Purchasing OPTIFAST

Patients of Dr. Goldfarb are welcome to stop in and purchase product anytime during office hours.  We also welcome walk-ins.  For more information on Dr. Goldfarb’s program, visit his website. If you would like pricing information, please contact the office.

Shipping and email correspondance

If you are unable to come into the office to meet with Dr. Goldfarb, we offer shipping as well as email correspondence.  For information on pricing as well as arranging shipping, please email

Dr. Goldfarb's OPTIFAST Program

General Info

The first phase is recommended to be a minimum of 12 weeks, but may be longer or shorter depending on your specific personal needs.  Four OPTIFAST shakes are consumed daily along with calorie free beverages.  No additional food is consumed.  For more details contact the office.

We currently offer chocolate and vanilla powder shakes.

One box contains 14 powder packets of OPTIFAST.  If you are following Dr. Goldfarb’s program, you will be consuming 4 shakes a day – so you will require 2 boxes of OPTIFAST per week (28 packets for 1 week).  One case of OPTIFAST contains 8 boxes  and lasts 1 month.

Visits with Dr. Goldfarb are covered by OHIP.

On average, most patients tend to lose anywhere from 2 – 5 lbs per week.  You can expect to lose around 35 lbs after 12 weeks.

Our only clinic is in Leaside.  There are other hospitals in Ontairo or across Canada that may carry OPTIFAST, but we are not affiliated with them.  If you would like to purchase product, you can either pick-up product at the clinic or arrange for shipping.

When you hit your goal weight or are very close, you begin to transition back to food.  For detailed information on how to transition back to food, please email

No part of our program is mandatory, but it is encouraged that you meet with Dr. Goldfarb if you are in the Toronto area.  Most patients value his support and meeting face-to-face affords you the opportunity to benefit from his years of experience and wealth of knowledge.  Whether it’s an initial consultation or an 8 week weigh-in, he’s always happy to see you.