Our Mission

We love what we do and we take pride in what we do. We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care and the best clinical experience.  We believe that the process is just as important as the end result. Our patients’ needs are the foundation of our work.  We believe in our product and stand behind it 100%.  


Jayme Goldfarb, D.Pod.M


Custom Orthotics
Foot Care

Alan Lustig

Orthotic specialist

Custom Orthotics
Custom Ankle Braces

Peter Goldfarb

Retired physician

OPTIFAST Weight Loss Coach


Ryan Dugwell


Orthotic Modification
Ankle Brace Modification
Medical Assistant

There is nothing worse than waking up in pain or not feeling good about yourself.  Let us help you feel your best!  Contact us to set up an appointment.

“The greatest wealth is health."


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